Uzbekistan Deposits

Bank Rate
Ravnaq Bank 1 Year Term Deposit

Rate indicated is for deposit amounts between 400,000 and 10,000,000 UZS.

1 year
Feb 2018


  • Q: Hi I want to deposit 60 thousand dollars for one year how much interest rate

    Reply Hassan from Redhill, United Kingdom
  • Q: Is there a month that banks pay more interest

    Reply Martin from United States
  • Q: Can Christian US Citizens become residents of Uzbekistan safely? I would deposit $100,000 and hope to live off interest, but what are the tax liability in UZ for interest income? I know there was a city hosting a big conference recently and have a good background in epidemiology. And problemsolving.

    Reply Mika from Worcester, United States
    • R: Dear Mila Yes you can become resident in Uzbekistan safely. Uzbekistan is multicultural and multireligion country. We have churches, synagogue and mosques. Regarding tax is not tax in Uzbekistan for earned interest on deposits in banks. But you need to get visa first to come into Uzbekistan and buy property for some amount to get residents permits in Tashkent.

      Reply Otabek
  • Q: Hi if I have money in bank. Do I allowed to get residents I am new Zealand citizens an how safe is there bank

    Reply Tee from Pahurehure, New Zealand
    • R: Dear Tee All deposits in Uzbekistan banks is guaranteed by government, so you will get all your money back anyway. To get residents permits in Uzbekistan you need to buy property and pay one-off tax.

      Reply Otabek